Ready or Not? How to Know Where You Stand

Ready or Not? How to Know Where You Stand

Are you ready? What are you READY for?? Are you ready to START something or are you ready to ACHIEVE an outcome? They’re two very different questions that BOTH require some thought before diving into something new.

A new job – are you ready to start a new role and be a learner again; and, are you ready to achieve success in the new role and set your sights towards a promotion?

A new project – are you ready to start diving in and get some work completed; and, are you ready to see this project to completion and a positive outcome?

A new idea – are you ready to start putting a plan into place and to dedicate some time to this work; and, are you ready to follow this idea not knowing where it might be taking you?

The “are you ready?” question is a bit of a short term and long term question, isn’t it? And yet how often do we consider what’s down the line before saying ‘yes’ or committing ourselves?

This goes for starting to use The ONE Book too. We’re going to be very upfront here – it is a commitment. Now it’s not one of those things that you have to start at the beginning of the year (we’ve made sure of that by leaving the sections undated) but you really should be ‘ready’ for the short term (getting started) and the long term (finding it easier to stay organized, in more control of your time, money, and energy, and finding more harmony in your life).

Are you ready for that?

What are you going to do with yourself when things get easier? When you have more freedom with our time, money, and energy? When it feels like there’s less struggle and more flow in your life? It sounds great, doesn’t it? 

But at the end of the day – WHY do you want that? Knowing your ‘why’ with just about any decision you need to make is going to help you make better decisions. If you don’t like your answer to ‘why’ or you’re coming up short with “I don’t know’… then that’s a clue to put a pin in it and pause. You’re just not ready.

So let’s assume that you are feeling READY to both start and realize some pretty amazing outcomes from using The ONE Book. Well – with the Power of ONE, we are encouraging you to break some rules and challenge the status quo. That can be scary. It will require some accountability and open-mindedness. Are you ready for that?

When it comes to The ONE Book, if you aren’t ready to commit to this as a method, a philosophy, and a way of being – then you should pack it up on a shelf until you ARE ready. That’s right – we strongly recommend that you get yourself into the right headspace before diving into The ONE Book. Full stop – make sure you’re ready before you begin. Why? Because it IS a commitment. Because it will require some changes and new habits in your life. Because within the pages of The ONE Book, we’re going to shake the status quo up and if you aren’t ready with an open heart and an open mind – using The ONE Book will not be an optimal use of your time and energy. 

But most importantly… we want you to feel ready because you need to be prepared for the abundance coming your way as you work towards your Excellence Potential. You need both hands free to dive into the work ahead AND receive the success coming your way. 

So how do you know if you’re truly ready for starting with ONE? Here are 5 signs that we think will confirm your readiness. Get honest with yourself here… can you truthfully answer “YES!” to these questions?

  1. Are you willing to let go of those things that may be holding you back, including: self-limiting beliefs, other people’s opinions of you, and any guilt, shame, or regret from past decisions/actions?
  2. Do you whole-heartedly believe that you have an ‘Excellence Potential’ that you can work towards? Important: this also means you’re no longer going to accept the status quo as being enough.
  3. Are you prepared to fully explore your creative side (both feet in) even if you’ve always told yourself that you aren’t creative?
  4. Do you believe in the true value of your journey and that it is worthy of being captured and told as a story… which will eventually become your legacy?
  5. Are you fully committed to living an aligned life that includes gratitude, purposeful actions, strategic decisions, and an openness to new opportunities?

If you are eagerly and passionately calling out YES, YES, YES! then I think it’s safe to go ahead and open up your ONE Book today. In fact – it should be the very next thing you do. 

You are ripe with intention and momentum and you must simply RUN towards the Power of ONE to harness that energy now. That is literally the first step to changing everything. Once you’re in the book and start practicing the 6 EX-P (Excellence Potential) Habits – things will start getting easier. The ‘overwhelm’ will not be looming. You’ll start getting clearer on what really matters and HOW you’re going to achieve your meaningful and aligned goals. It will feel so natural that you won’t even know that YOU’RE changing as you work through The ONE Book. So if you’re there – right now – then stop reading this and GO.

Now, if you aren’t feeling passionate and enthusiastic about the 5 questions listed above – then know that you have also taken a critically important step of self-reflection and there are likely some clues into your answers as to what needs to happen before you ARE ready to start The ONE Book journey. 

Start there… because even if you don’t quite see it yet, I believe with every fiber of my being that you and your journey are entirely worthy of the effort The ONE Book will require of you. But we also want you to get the most out of the experience and only when you’re fully ready will the time and energy invested make sense. This is not a race. 

And PS. Your success is solely and uniquely defined by YOU and YOU alone. Should you start your ONE Book on Feb. 1 or Oct. 1 (or any other day of the year for that matter) you will be equally teed up for reaching your Excellence Potential as those who dove in at the beginning of the calendar year. 

Own your readiness. If you’re there – be accountable for that and start DOING SOMETHING with that. If you’re not – own that too and take those preliminary steps to get you there. We’ll be waiting with open arms for when you’re ready to start – and ready for an outcome where you level up too.