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"In this one life, may our success be measured by our courageous choices, our bounces back; our lessons learned, and our wisdom gained; our memories made, and stories told; our empathy shown, kindness shared, and the joy-filled steps that carried us forward."

~ Kristen Edmiston

Let's simplify things and connect the dots

The ONE Theory brings a method and philosophy to light that is so simple and yet so radically different than what we've been conditioned to believe about success. We are whole human beings. Our measures of success matter greatly and they should be defined independently, outside of the judgement and scrutiny of others. The root of The ONE Theory is the quest for Excellence. Different than "success", excellence is infinite. There is no finish line - only opportunity and potential to refine, explore, learn and grow. This is both the opportunity and the challenge before us... no matter what path or journey we're on.

The ONE Book is going to help to answer the question "how we get there" and it is all based on three "big dots": The MVR Triad, integrating creativity, and the 6 EX-P Habits.

The ONE Book - The MVR Triad

The MVR Triad

Thinking about your time, money, and energy... which of these three Most Valuable Resources drive you the most? We all have a primary, a secondary, and a tertiary driver within the MVR Triad. Your primary will motivate you the most, influence your priorities and drive your entire trajectory. There is no right or wrong answer here, but this personal insight is the first simple principle behind The ONE Theory. Know your drivers and always seek balance and harmony within the Triad.

Your Most Valuable Resources

OUR TIME: It is our most precious and our most scarce, non-renewable resource. What we do with our minutes, days, weeks, years - it matters so much. And yet how much of our time do we waste? How often do we take our tomorrows for granted. How often do we put off doing the things we want to do - thinking there will be time to do it in the future?

OUR MONEY: It is our one tangible currency and we must treat each dollar as being more than it's face value. Our money is exchanged for things that bring us joy and experiences that help refill our energy stores. It can be our ticket for security and risk tolerance. It is also comes with the power (and responsibility) to give back. It all adds up to more than a bank account balance or credit score.

OUR ENERGY: It is the most undervalued and overlooked resource of them all. Our energy is our emotional and spiritual well and we must take the steps necessary to preserve, protect and regenerate our energy - and so often we run on empty. Our energy is our joy, our motivation, our imagination, and our resiliency. Our energy is what activates us, inspires us, and motivates us to keep going. It is time to factor in "energy" as one of our Most Valuable Resources.

THE MVR TRIAD: Is a fundamental concept that The ONE Book is built upon. There are reframing exercises that prompt you to question how important each of the MVRs really are to you and why. You are encouraged to evaluate your priorities differently and in the context of the MVR Triad. You will practice new strategies for finding greater harmony and balance with your time, money, and energy. It's time to stop feeling like we are sacrificing our most valuable resources and instead working from a mindset of abundance where we're simply exchanging them instead.

The ONE Book - creativity light bulb in mind


Our brains are hardwired to be creative. We are all capable of being creative thinkers, makers, and dreamers. This is an entirely new kind of competitive advantage for us to lean into. It is a skill that requires practice and we must build up our courage to simply be more creative. With creativity, we see our world differently. We find different solutions. We can accomplish so many different things. Creativity helps us unlock our inner genius and it is our superpower.

Why Creativity Matters

If there was one thing that we could pinpoint as the causal factor for profound success, what would it be? Having the right connections or opportunities? Our formal education or years of experience? All these factors that we've long believed make people successful... they don't explain how two people with equal drive, skill, knowledge, and opportunity can realize very different levels of success. So what is that one underestimated factor that makes all the difference?

We believe that the secret superpower is... creativity.

Why so much emphasis on creativity? For two main reasons: 1) By tapping into more creative activities, you'll start hardwiring neural pathways in your brain that can help sharpen your critical thinking skills and open you up to out-of-the-box ideas. 2) Because creativity can be therapeutic, relaxing, and fun! It is a sure-fire way to refill your energy stores and energy is one of our Most Valuable (and overlooked) Resources.

The ONE Book - excellence

The How: The EX-P Habits

Excellence is not achieved through luck or chance. We cannot sit by passively our lives and manifest our goals coming to fruition. The quest for excellence requires effort and tenancity and enduance. It is challenging to say the least - but it can be easier than we think. Imagine... what if it could all just be easier...

The 6 Excellence Potential [EX-P] Habits

Success is not about winning the productivity badge any more. It's not about glorifying "busy" or going after the "hustle" any more. It's about being a whole human being with goals, values, needs, dreams, and opportunities... struggles, failures, challenges and disappointments. It's about the degree of excellence that we pursue and not our ability to beat out our competitors. This thinking breaks some of the rules we've been lead to believe as truths in life. It's not only time to break those rules but completely change the game and that is what the 6 [EX-P] habits are going to do.

To make the most of our time, money and energy, we must think of the actions that will help us be efficient, mindful, and effective. We believe that building the right habits around organization, prioritization, creativity, storytelling, relfection and visualization will change everything. These habits will allow for more flow. When there's more flow, there's less struggle and greater ease. When there's ease, there's learning. When there's learning, there is growth. When there's growth - there is success for the whole human that's working so hard to reach their Excellence Potential.

The ONE Book - drawing triangle with focus and clarity in background

We've only just begun...

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