Positive Affirmations

Our 100+ Favourites

I am capable of balancing ease and effort in my life.
I am held and supported by those who love me.
I am an inspiration.
I help others through my example.
I am confident in all that I am, all that I have and all that I can do.
I am more than my circumstances dictate.
My life lessons are serving me and guiding me.
I am still learning so it’s okay to make mistakes.
My head and heart is open to seeing things differently.
I am understood and my perspective is important.
I am valued and helpful.
I choose to be happy for myself; and for others.
I am well-rested and excited for the day.
I am not alone on my journey.
I am worthy of investing in myself.
I hold wisdom beyond knowledge.
I invite abundance and a generous heart.
I am kind and worthy of receiving kindness.
I am calm, patient and at peace.
I am not defined by my mistakes.
I am showing up in this world in ways that make a difference.
I choose to speak up when I have had enough.
I am learning and getting better.
I am capable of wonderful things.
I am learning my purpose in life and fulfilling it.
I am strong and getting stronger every day.
There is growth in stillness.
As I am learning I am holding space for growth.
I chose to not compare myself with others.
I am and will continue to blossom with time.
There is peace in changing your mind when it is done in love.
The dark days will help me appreciate the lightest ones.
I choose to release my self-limiting ideas.
My energy is as important as my time and money.
When I forgive myself, I free myself.
My time is precious and valued by others.
I choose to keep my head and heart open to possibilities.
When I release shame, I move into myself more beautifully.
When I embrace love, more will come my way.
I have the power of choice.
There are greater powers conspiring to support me.
When I root into the earth, the earth rises to support me.
I am building my confidence and capabilities.
I am not defined by my productivity.
I am getting closer to my goals.
There is deeper meaning in my actions.
I am manifesting a beautiful change in my life.
I am deeply appreciated.
I am stronger today than I was yesterday.
There is a purpose in my life that is unfolding.
I have great abundance in my life.
I have come a long way and will continue to keep going.
I hold my own power.
I am accumulating a wealth of knowledge.
No one can take away my self worth.
I release the disappointments to make space for pleasant surprises.
I can dream bigger than ever before.
I hold space for hope and joy in my heart.
I am being heard and seen and I can do this for others.
My journey is going to help others too.
If I quiet my mind I will be open to receiving good news.
I am becoming wiser with each passing day.
There is enough for all of us.
I can release something to make space for something new.
There will always be supportive voices to carry me.
I define my own success.
I am capable.
Love and light are leading me on my journey.
Time is being patient with me and I will be patient with it.
I am grounded and stronger than ever before.
My courage will help to carry me towards my goals.
I am guided and I am safe.
The light in others will see the light in me.
I am thriving and will have enough to keep thriving.
My leadership will help others realize their potential.
All of my hard work is paying off.
People are listening for my voice.
I am living in my present and looking forward to my future.
I am enough.
My words and my actions are powerful.
I am leading a life that I will be proud to be remembered for.
I am making a profound number of ripples in my life.
There is hope in my heart for what is yet to come.
I have let go of those hard lessons but hold onto what they have taught me.
I am a learner.
I am open to what is yet to come.
There is space for others in my heart and they are safe with me.
The challenges ahead will be smaller than I imagine.
I believe in my strength and courage.
I am loving, compassionate, and understanding.
I have a strong will to help support me through adversity.
My experiences will shield me from repeating my mistakes.
There is always an abundance of opportunity awaiting me.
There is always a solution to every problem and I am capable of figuring it out.
I am capable of influencing positive change.
I am welcomed and appreciated when I help others.
I choose to define my path and set my goals.
My determination and perseverance will serve me on this journey.
I am one of the best.
I am planting seeds now that will be flourishing in the future.
I am unique and irreplaceable.