What can I say about The ONE Book!  Well let me start by saying what an incredible tool it has already become in my daily life.  I have always been guilty of way too many books on the go, multiple notebooks, my agenda, my journal, and then I’m confused about just where I made certain notes.  The ONE Book truly is my one source of truth, for business and personal.  It is already encouraging me to be more mindful about timing out tasks, about scheduling my day in a realistic way, and to be looking forward so I’m always aware of what is coming up next.  The book is beautiful, it is comprehensive, and I love the creative exercises sprinkled throughout, it brings an element of fun and pushes me out of my normal line of thinking.  I also love the tips, tricks, and insights that are within the book and I am working on incorporating more colour as a result of the tips.  If you are looking for a book to keep you focused, to keep you dreaming, to keep you inspired, and on track, The ONE Book delivers in all of these areas and so many more.  I LOVE it!

Jocelyn Davison
Jan. 11/22

The ONE Book has been a HUGE game changer for me already and it’s only Q1! I have a much clearer vision of where myself and my business will be going in 2022 & beyond! The design of this book is amazing, and I love having the freedom to be creative with my own colors, designs, quotes, affirmations & more. The goal setting prompts are exactly what I needed, the planner is laid out perfectly and the resources are one of a kind! If you’re looking for a way to organize ALL of your thoughts, plans & goals for the year then this is the book for you!

Kayla Kaliszuk
YBB Connect

I love that The One Book lives up to its name. It is truly ONE place to house everything you need to efficiently organize, prioritize and reflect on the days, weeks and months ahead. The best surprise was that because the book is printed in black & white, it leaves space (and you’re encouraged!) to be creative. I haven’t used this part of my brain in way too long so it has been nice to color, doodle and dream in the same space I plan ahead!

Rebecca Schulte

The One Book has been such a great asset to have as a business owner. Not only has it replaced my other planners, but it has helped me shift my mindset to think more holistically about my resources being; Time, Energy, and Money. What’s great is that I’m able to break down my tasks week by week, and get more clarity and focus around my ideas. What I love is that I’m able to use more of my creative side, being able to colour illustrations while brainstorming on new ideas. The One Book is more of a philosophy, excelling my business and personal life. The most surprising thing I’ve found has been about money, thinking about it differently, and finding peace in talking about money in a different light. Highly recommend The One Book to any entrepreneur or small business owner, as it takes away some of that overwhelm and helps to imagine the possibilities in your business.

Joanne Bartolome