Ep.01 Welcome to The ONE Program - I Have Something to Say

Welcome to the FIRST episode of The ONE Program Podcast, hosted by Kristen Edmiston. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, leader, dreamer, or change-maker, then you are in the right place. This is where the people who know what they want can finally get the answer to the question "how do I do it"? It is time to stop the endless hustle and find joy in the journey again. It is time to re-engage, recharge, and regain control of our businesses, careers, and personal lives. Right now - you ARE in the right place at the right time. Things can change for the better by taking ONE step at a time from here. This is a brand new journey for us all but we're in it together. Take my hand and let's go...

In this very first episode of The ONE Program Podcast, Kristen shares a little bit of background to The ONE Theory, The ONE Book, and now The ONE Program Podcast. First and foremost we will be starting with gratitude. In fact, you can count on that in every episode. We’ll also be talking optimism and hope and so many other things that are intended to lift others. That will be an underlying premise to this podcast - that the intention is to lift others, and all of our guests will be showing up to do just that. We also start exploring the concept that success is not a bank account balance or a retirement age. Success is unique to each and every one of us and we should be focused on the journey - not just the destination. One of Kristen’s favourite thought leaders, Simon Sinek talks about how there are “no winners at life” in his book, the Infinite Game, and we couldn’t agree more. Further to this, we challenge the idea of the “hustle culture” and start leaning into the idea that there can be harmony between our three most valuable resources: our time, our money, and our energy. We will be touching on this in greater detail, as well as the “Six Excellence Potential Habits” that are outlined in The ONE Theory and are the basis of The ONE Book. Lastly, Kristen shares a very personal reason for taking the path that she’s on and it goes back to some very important advice that her late father shared with her: “If it helps one person, you must.” Learn more about the project her family started in his memory, called a “Circle of Angels” and watch their story here. You’ll be left with two important questions at the end of this episode: 1) What is ONE thing you could do today that would get you closer to your big lofty goal, and 2) what are you “the ONE” of? Her final message…? Kristen pays forward a game-changing, 4-word phrase that was given to her earlier in her career when things felt uncertain and overwhelming: “I believe in you”. 

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