Ep.03 Building a Community AND a Business with Kirsten and Kayla of YBB Connect


Kirsten & Kayla have been building a community since 2017. After being small business owners themselves, feeling isolated and looking for resources, support & ways to engage with other like minded Women in business their entrepreneurial spirit led them to creating YBB Connect, a community formerly known as YEG Boss Babes! Pushing through the ups and downs, the insecurities & the obstacles they were able to rise above and continue to build and create unique ways for business owners to connect, learn & grow! Now in 2022 with 2 new divisions launching, YBB Corporate & YBB Collective they're well on their way to crushing their goals and dreams for years to come!

"Connection is why we’re here; It's what gives purpose & meaning to our business. If our actions & platform inspires others to dream more, learn more, find support & feel empowered then we have found our success!"

What is this conversation about? In a nutshell… Being passionate about supporting women in business.

Kirsten and Kayla share where they started before YBB Connect and how unsuspecting the journey has been. Kayla shares how she always knew she was going to be passionate about being a mom but was also interested in different business ventures that enabled her to be a stay home mom too. After meeting Kirsten, they bonded quickly and discovered just how powerful it can be to get two passionate women together - business owner to business owner - to dream up new and innovative ideas while supporting one another too. Kirsten started her entrepreneurial journey as an amateur photography when still a teen and then obtained a psychology degree. She knew she wanted to help women, specifically in their goals and realized that she also really valued community early on. The friendship between these women was a natural lead up to creating and building the YBB Connect community.

It was a grassroots beginning (think sticky notes on the wall and ‘wine nights’) and the community started to come together very organically. They learned a lot along the way when it comes to starting a small business and they now want to help others who are just starting out by sharing their learnings and providing connection points - like a sisterhood!

Kirsten and Kalya share how the power of storytelling was a huge success factor in building the community - starting with their  Mad Love Mondays that are still going strong. They’ve since expanded into so many other ways to promote “learning, growing, and connecting” and they have new and exciting projects coming soon too! It’s not just about women business owners, either - they are working hard to reach women with other pathways too.

Kristen dives deep into the “high highs” and “low lows” with Kirsten and Kayla (including a hacked into Zoom yoga class during the early days of the pandemic). Get ready for some laughs, some very relatable conversation, and a solid dose of inspiration too!

Connect with the community on Instagram @ybb.connect and @ybb.collective and see ALL the great things they’re up to on their website: www.ybbconnect.com