Ep.06 Permission to Let Go


In this solo episode, Kristen offers up an "Open Letter" for your head and heart. It's about giving ourselves permission to let go of all the things, events, and circumstances that are holding us back and preventing us from achieving our goals. It's about giving ourselves permission to shake off the Overwhelm and release all that does not serve us. "Bad" decisions, mistakes, regret, unspoken words, words that hurt others... you know what you're holding onto and in this episode, Kristen lends some permission to let all of that go. Do you need her permission? No - of course not... but someone hast to tell your unconscious self what your conscious self won't.

It's time to let go.

Why do we have to? Because when our hands are full - we must put something down to pick something new up. The same principle applies to our heads and hearts. We can only carry so much and so why would we waste that precious carrying capacity on the things that do not serve us? They hold us back, keep us unhappy, and make us STUCK where we can't move forward. 

This episode is all about getting UNSTUCK and after listening through, Kristen encourages you to pick up the baton that she's passing you and use the following Permission Pledge (below) to release yourself once and for all. Use this mantra (fill in the blanks) and either write it out until it FEELS good, or keep reciting it until your unconscious self get's the message. Next step - start taking those actions that will finally free you from the burden of carrying what's holding you back.

Then - get ready to receive amazing and wonderful changes in your life. That's just how it works!

The Permission Pledge

I am no longer willing to carry events from my past that hold me back from the future I desire.

Today I release ____________________ and this will leave space and grace for _____________________.

This is within my control. I am taking this control and using it to create the life I want.

Without regret. Without reservation. 

I AM willing to take action to finally release myself. Step ONE will be: ________________________ and I will start this today.

This is MY life. This is MY story. I will not be overcome by the Overwhelm. I choose to be free.