Ep.08 The Truth About Change: with Logan Gray


Welcome to another episode of The ONE Program Podcast and we have special guest, Logan Gray joining us for this one! You'll be joining us in on a conversation about change (and how hard it really can be and why) as well as branding. Two seemingly distant topics but we have no trouble finding a way to braid them together! 

Logan is a graphic designer and creative strategist and coach who loves to help others build the businesses of their dreams. They have been a designer and artist their whole life, and have enjoyed a wide range of creative careers - from photographer to tattoo artist, writer to web designer, and a few more in between. They love to explore the intersections of art, creativity, relationships & work. Their pronouns are they/them and they are a proud transmaculine human. 

Logan very candidly shares about their journey the past several years as the've been experiencing a prolonged season of change. We talk about the impact of cumulative change, how uncomfortable change can feel... even imposter syndrome and so much more. Change is the constant! And the temptation sometimes? To rush through it... but how does that actually work out? What if we took the time to reflect on the change journey while we're in it and ask ourselves "what am I here to learn?"

So how do we do this change thing? We explore the "how" through the lens of creating safety through hope and 'possibility' and we don't have to do it alone! We can surround ourselves with people who can reflect positivity and hope back to us and this kind of community is a huge part of safety when it comes to change. We need to feel "safe enough" to try out changes! Let's face it - change can feel very overwhelming and as you know - we are all about overcoming the overwhelm!

Given Logan's passion for brand strategy and that they played such a pivotal role in the brand development for The ONE Book, we take the conversation into a business-focused direction and just how difficult it can be to tackle a rebrand - simply because we become attached to our identity - and sometimes we neglect to see these kinds of changes for what they are - a situation that will require some grieving of what was before we embrace something new.

What do we mean by brand? It is so much more than the visual aspect of a brand. It goes all the way to our values and goals. Logan explains it's more like a relationship and matchmaking. This is creating a strategic brand! Creating a relationship between the business and their potential SUPER fans for the long haul. This is what tees us up for the long haul. When it comes to branding, sometimes we realize that after a change, our relationships may not be a perfect fit any more - or perhaps what is needed is a refresh or reconnection to rekindle the relationship. A strong brand is a strong foundation that can help our businesses through change and help us build those long-term relationships at the right time with the right people. 

Tune in to hear what other little suggest of advice and wisdom Logan shares with Kristen - we have no doubt that just about everyone can relate to this topic of change, and it's an important topic for us walk through.