Ep.09 I Did It on Purpose


We are counting down the last few days of 2022 and that's got us really digging deep in an introspective kind of way. In this solo episode, we are exploring the concept of "Purpose". What is it, exactly? Kristen starts with the definition of purpose - both as a noun and as a verb. "Purpose" is... "the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists" (noun) or "to have as one's intention or objective" (verb). 

How do you know when you're "on purpose"? Kristen explores there are three criteria: 1) you know your why, your reason, and your rationale; 2) you have some sort of plan; and 3) you take action on it. When you explore what the opposite of purpose is, it can make things even clearer: When not on purpose, we leave things to chance, rely on luck, and seemingly leave things to 'fate'. We are reactive, unfocused, and unaligned. 

Kristen asks us "do you know where your last year/month/week/day went"? How many times did you do things "on purpose"? How many of those things that you did were a wise use of your time, money, and energy? And did you do anything on purpose to hold yourself back? Self-sabotage is very real... and it can look like decisions to call in sick when not, skipped workouts, impulse buys, and even discrimination... Oh accountability... Everything we do (or don't do) is a choice. This is both the blessing and curse of free will! We get to enjoy the empowerment but we also bear the responsibility to make better choices. Purpose can help us there!

Kristen offers several strategies for getting on purpose and staying there:Get crystal clear on your bigger picture why - and the outcome of that, not just a goal Feel it - it isn't enough to just "know" what your purpose is. Remove the negativity (the nay-sayers) Surround yourself with hope and optimism Invest a little every day (yes, your time, money, and energy) Give yourself permission to fall in love with your purpose - butterflies and all Share about that deep passion that lights up your soul Write about your purpose. This will help to make it more likely that you'll take action on it!

We can put this into an acronym, too!

P - point yourself in the right direction

U - understand your why

R - Resist the reasons to NOT be on purpose

P - Play with your ideas. Get creative and invite joy in again

O - Outcomes - not just goals

S - Stay the course

E - Envision what it will look like, feel like, sound like when your outcomes resulting from being on purpose

Tune in to listen through on several other re-frames around "purpose" and do a check in to see if you're on the right path for 2023.