Ep.10 The Highs and Lows of 2022


New Years Eve bonus episode (solo). Here you'll listen in on some reflections that summarize an important message about making sense of our highs and lows. Perhaps there is someone out there that needs this message?

Do you get reflective this time of year? Reflection is an important part of the ONE theory and within the ONE book. We may all have different techniques to reflect but Kristen shares one strategy that she's being using for years - having started it with her son many years ago.

Separating your experiences into your highs and lows… such a great way to dive deeper into conversations especially with kids. It is important for them to observe how we process the highs and lows in our lives. It also just helps to talk these things out - it is a beautiful life lesson indeed.

Kristen shares that she's struggled to identify a lot of high-highs and low-lows in 2022. It was kind of uncomfortable because of the novel stability of 2022. It was a chance to catch one's breath but there was a realization that when we are so conditioned to push or pull against resistance, we sometimes we just don't know how to paddle on still waters. Does that sound familiar?

Kristen shares a story about how she realized how uncomfortable it has been to learn to paddle and stay balanced without the resistance. Literally - from her experience paddle boarding this past summer. It's been an important life lesson - a different pace, a different strength, and dealing with stillness. She goes on to share a very personal message about making sense of the swings in life - it's not just about surviving them. The lows really do serve us in a beautiful way too.

The poem referenced in this episode is called "Life Lessons" by Anonymous. 

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