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  • Creativity Challenges Volume 2 - The ONE Book
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The ONE Book

Creativity Challenge Sheets (Vol.2) - Digital Download

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Creativity is truly our genius superpower and within The ONE Theory, we believe that practicing different forms of creativity will help enhance our problem solving and innovation skills too. The ONE Book is chock full of different creativity practices, activities, and challenges and now you can download your very own copies of them here! 

These aren't just colouring exercises! In fact - several of them don't require colour at all! In each pack, you'll find a list of The ONE Book Creativity Challenges + instructions along with three (3) of the beautiful graphic designs created by Logan Gray (the creative design genius behind The ONE Book). You get to mix and match the creativity challenge with the designs - as many times as you'd like - to take your creativity practice to the next level! Each pack (Vol. 1, 2, 3, and 4) includes the same challenges/instructions but a different assortment of design pages. Print again, and again, and again! 

If you want to go all in - there's also an option to bundle all 4 packs (the BEST value). And if you like what you see - be sure to order your very own ONE Book to learn more about the many other unique and game-changing activities/habits we have in store!