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  • The ONE Book - Silver Bookmarks
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  • The ONE Book - Bookmarks
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The ONE Book

The ONE Book - Bookmarks

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Having the right bookmark is everything... and these sets include 4 + a sticky year tab! Our friends at Engravables Design Studio have artfully created these unique bookmarks specifically for The ONE Book. The cut out shape at the top of each bookmark slides over your pages and holds tight so you don't waste time flipping to get back to where you left off. These study bookmarks are laser engraved (one for "Journal", one for "Current Month", one for "Current Week", and one for "Notes". As an added bonus, there are stencil cut outs of The ONE Book code system. Fun, right? We added the "2022" sticker tab so that you can add it to the front cover for a little extra glam. There are two colour options (silver or gold finish) and both are beautiful!

  • Each set includes 4 bookmarks and an adhesive-backed 2022 tab