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The ONE Book

The ONE Book (Hardcover)

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The ONE Book - Hardcover Edition [ISBN 978-1-03-911647-4]

Size: 8.5" x 11"

The ONE Book is an all-in-one tool for business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders. This 365-page book guides you through a full year of planning, goal-setting, reflection and SO more. It is an interactive book that you are invited to (actually strongly encouraged to) write in, draw on, doodle over, and USE as a go-with-you-everywhere kind of book.

The ONE Book replaces ALL other tools and books like day-timers, planners, journals, and notepads by bringing everything together into ONE single record of your entire year. Here's summary of what's inside this game-changing book...

The ONE Book includes the following sections:

  1. Introduction and instructions on how The ONE Book works (and how to work The ONE Book)
  2. Eight (8) initial strategic alignment exercises to complete that will help you set the stage for your ONE Book journey
  3. Twelve (12) undated monthly sections filled with space for planning your time, money, and energy through activities, exercises, and challenges, along with hundreds of tips, strategies, mindset prompts and more to help you along the way
  4. Dot-grid-style note taking sheets in each monthly section, plus an additional note taking section at the back of the book
  5. A Year-in-Review activity to help you summarize your reflections and learning take-aways from the year

Now here are the details... 

  • The Planner Elements: There are month-at-a-glance and week-at-a-glance pages (5 weeks/monthly section) to help you plan out your time
  • The Big Picture Strategic Elements: Each monthly section also guides you through a process where you will:
    • Reflect on where you've been and what you've learned in the prior month + anticipate and plan for what's coming up in future months
    • Set a single big goal each month and outline your actions for getting there
    • Proactively plan and track your high level cash flow 
    • Intentionally explore gratitude
    • Refine your focus so your priorities are crystal clear and on point
    • Reflect on how you're spending your time and energy and intentionally direct all of your Most Valuable Resources to where they're needed most
    • Capture the highlights/thoughts/reflections of your days in a one-minute-jourrnal
  • The Creativity Elements: The book is filled with dozens of fun and irresistible activities to help you tap into your genius superpower... your creativity!
    • Dozens of beautiful black and white geometric illustrations to tempt you into creative exercises, practice drills, and even challenges
    • Monthly "Idea-Storming" pages with creative brainstorming prompts to help you practice thinking in a way that spawns invention, imagination, innovation, and inspiration
  • The Fine Print: The extra bonus content... these pages are filled with hundreds of time management tips, mindset prompts, inspiration points, thought provoking questions and more. It's like having a business coach along with you for the ride... page after page, day after day.